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Hotel with a 70 year old tradition


The hotel Ajdovec opened its doors in 1948 and has since been the centre of the cultural on social life in Sevnica.
In 2016 we started the complete renovation with the intent to return the hotel its renowned reputation. We wish that the hotel once again becomes the centre of the social life in Sevnica and offers its guests from all over the world a comfortable retreat from the daily life.
First overnight stay at hotel Ajdovec
Grand opening of the fully renovated hotel Ajdovec
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About us

Family company

As a family company with a great culinary team we proudly continue the 70 year old tradition of the city hotel Ajdovec. The hotel Ajdovec is situated in the centre of Sevnica, where tradition meets the modern.
The first guests were impressed by the hotel as early as 1948 and until today it is the centre of the social and cultural life. The name was inspired by the archaeological park Ajdovski Gradec, which is one of the most explored settlements from the migration period of the 5th and 6th Century. The hotel enthuses everyone that wants to escape and bring some joy into the hectic of the everyday life.
Remember, Hotel Ajdovec stays with everyone that stays here. Welcome!